Is No More Heart Disease Possible?

Heart disease accounts for approximately 35% of all deaths.  It is estimated by the American Heart Association that 80 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease.  DoctorsIn researching and writing more than 100 articles for my Aging No More website, one very important theme keeps reoccurring. If you take the necessary steps to improve the health of your cardiovascular system, which includes your heart and circulatory system, you can:

Positively affect most of the health of your other organs and take significant steps to slow down the aging process!

So, the question remains – Is No More Heart Disease Possible?

Well, before I answer that question let’s look at two significant health issues and two remarkable health professionals:

Stroke – According to the National Stroke Association, “. . . 80 percent of strokes are preventable!” For the most part the only difference between a stroke and a heart attack is location. A stroke occurs in the brain where as a heart attack occurs in the heart. Wouldn’t it make sense that 80 percent of heart attacks are preventable?

Cancer – According to the 517 page World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research Expert Report, “5 to 10% of cancers result directly from inheriting genes associated with cancer.” This means that nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors account for the remaining 90 to 95% of cancers. Wouldn’t it make sense that nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors would also play a significant role in heart disease?

Dr. Louis Ignarro – In 1998 Dr. Ignarro shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with two other scientists for the discovery of Nitric Oxide and how it is the master signaling molecule for the cardiovascular system. In 2008, the American Heart Association selected Dr. Ignarro as a 2008 Distinguished Scientist. Dr. Ignarro firmly believes that the proper use of Nitric Oxide (NO) can significantly improve the health of most cells and make a major impact on reducing the risk of heart disease.

Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast – Dr. Joe (as he prefers to call himself) is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism and has a very large patient population at the Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center in Palo Alto California. Dr. Joe is a pioneer in the potential of L-Arginine (the precursor for NO) to dramatically affect cardiovascular health. Of Dr. Joe’s large high-risk, patient population, over the last 17 years less than 1% have experienced a stroke or heart attack if they have followed his L-Arginine protocol.

Now back to our question: Is No More Heart Disease Possible?

No, but given the above information we can make a significant impact in making heart disease a very small problem rather than the number one killer that it currently is.  We spend millions of dollars every year on finding a cure when the most important cure is staring us in the face. It is prevention!

This website is designed to help equip you with useful and practical knowledge that, in conjunction with your physician, will empower you to reduce your risk and help to eliminate heart disease.

Until next time, join me in working to save a million lives!

Dan Hammer

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