Complications of Diabetes – Part 2!

Complications of DiabetesAs we learned in the previous article Complications of Diabetes – Part 1 there is a one-celled thick organ called the Endothelium that is constantly being damaged by high blood sugar levels. This damage to the endothelial cells reduces their ability to proper produce Nitric Oxide the master signaling molecule of your entire cardiovascular system.

Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast has pioneered a natural approach to repairing and nourishing your endothelium so that your endothelial cells can regain their ability to produce nitric oxide. This article will continue our video series to help you understand how you can take a proactive approach to reducing the complications of diabetes.

Nitric Oxide Can Dramatically Reduce The Complications of Diabetes!

If you want to improve your circulation, improve your kidney function, decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease, help bring your blood pressure back into a normal range, and lessen the potential for strokes and heart attacks, then you need to understand the importance of nitric oxide. Simply stated you could not live without nitric oxide. It is critical for proper cardiovascular function.

In his 2005 National Bestseller entitled NO More Heart Disease, Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis J. Ignarro made the following statement:

NO – as it is know by chemists – is produced by the body specifically to help keep arteries and veins free of the plaque that causes stroke and to maintain normal blood pressure by relaxing the arteries, thereby regulating the rate of blood flow and preventing coronaries. Nitric oxide is the body’s natural cardiovascular wonder drug.”

This video will help you understand how nitric oxide can directly address many of the complications of diabetes:

Addressing The Hidden Enemy That Can Compound the Complications of Diabetes!

There is a hidden enemy that can compound the complications of diabetes. This hidden enemy is seldom addressed but affects everyone – especially the African American community. This hidden enemy is an enzyme called arginase.

Arginase is used by your liver to help detoxify you. Unfortunately, arginase also destroys L-arginine. As you learned in a previous video, L-arginine is the primary amino acid used by your endothelial cells to create nitric oxide. This means that the enzyme arginase can reduce nitric oxide production by destroying L-arginine before it can be converted to nitric oxide.

Our next video will help you understand that your endothelial cells have an alternative pathway for the creation of nitric oxide. This alternative pathway centers on having an adequate supply of the other amino acid L-citrulline:

A Clinically Proven Natural Product and Alternative for Reducing the Complications of Diabetes!

Controlling blood sugar levels is vitally important for a diabetic. This has been the standard approach for most people with diabetes. However, this approach doesn’t address the damage caused by blood sugar to the endothelium. Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast has pioneered a second approach to addressing the complications of diabetes.

This second approach centers on the repair and proper nourishment of your endothelial cells. This approach allows them to heal and properly produce nitric oxide – the master signaling molecule of your entire cardiovascular system. Dr. Prendergast has been using this approach since 1991. He has combined Nobel Prize winning science with cutting edge vascular research out of Stanford School of Medicine’s Cardiovascular Research Center to develop a clinical application that has benefited thousands of his patients and tens of thousands of people around the world.

This final video highlights this natural approach. How Dr. Prendergast has combined L-arginine with L-citrulline and other heart healthy vitamins and nutrients resulting in no strokes, no heart attacks, and less than 1% hospital admissions for cardiovascular issues in over 7000 of his patients:

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