Dr. Louis Ignarro – Nobel Prize Laureate


Preventing and Reversing Cardiovascular Disease thru Nitric Oxide!

In 1998 Dr. Louis Ignarro shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with two other American scientists for the discovery of Nitric Oxide and how it is the master signaling molecule for the cardiovascular system.  Dr. Ignarro has over 30 years of research in Nitric Oxide.  He firmly believes that Nitric Oxide can both prevent as well as reverse cardiovascular disease. 

How important is preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both the United States and the world.  Over 60 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease.  Heart disease is 12 times more deadly to women than breast cancer.  As you can see by these statistics preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease could make a huge impact on life expectancies especially if it was your own life.

The American Health Journal produced a 30 minute feature on Dr. Ignarro and his work with Nitric Oxide.  This feature can be found on YouTube.  Whoever posted this feature divided it into 3 parts and misspelled Dr. Ignarro’s name (Ignarrao instead of Ignarro).  I wanted to bring all three parts into one blog post.    

The information is excellent.  In Dr. Ignarro’s own words he will tell you how Nitric Oxide and the amino acid L-Arginine can prevent and reverse heart disease naturally to age proof your cardiovascular system.    

Part 1 – Please be patient with the first 45 seconds since it contains a promo for Western University and the lead in to the American Health Journal.  As Dr. Ignarro is introduced, he takes us back to when he received the Nobel Prize in Medicine.  After he shares his feelings about this high honor Dr. Ignarro talks about Nitric Oxide.  How it lowers blood pressure, prevents strokes and heart attacks, improves blood flow to the organs, acts as a vasodilator, protects against coronary artery disease, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and is the body’s natural way to protect against heart disease.  This video abruptly ends and is picked up in Part 2.  Total time is 8:58.

Part 2 – Dr. Ignarro’s completes his discussion about how the body uses the essential amino acid L-arginine to product Nitric Oxide.  How a deficiency in Nitric Oxide is really a deficiency in L-arginine.  Then Dr. Andrew Myers is introduced and he discusses how the endothelial cells regulate the production of Nitric Oxide.  Dr. Ignarro returns to discuss all the different benefits of Nitric Oxide such as keeping the blood vessels healthy, preventing blood clots, maintaining blood pressure, maintaining the normal balance between HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol), and the necessity of Nitric Oxide for the prevention of erectile dysfunctionThe segment that I found most interesting was how Nitric Oxide facilitates memory and learning.  Dr. Ignarro even discusses how Nitric Oxide can restore memory and help in Alzheimer’s disease.  Total time is 9:06.

Part 3 – For some reason the sound is a bit off in this segment so please don’t let it distract you.  Dr. Ignarro discusses the importance of diet and vitamins especially the antioxidants found in garlic and green tea.  He talks about the importance of exercise and how exercise has been shown to boost or stimulate Nitric Oxide production.  And, he concludes by talking about his book NO More Heart Disease and how he tried to communicate the science of Nitric Oxide at a level everyone could understand and apply.  Total time is 8:50.

Dr. Ignarro’s Passion!

As you can see and hear from these three videos Dr. Ignarro passionately believes that Nitric Oxide can prevent and reverse heart disease.  He firmly believes that Nitric Oxide is the body’s natural way to protect against cardiovascular disease and without side effects.  Dr. Ignarro and I both share a common goal.  That goal is to educate as many people as possible on the health benefits of an effective L-arginine/Nitric Oxide protocol so that they can work with their physician to help prevent and/or reverse heart disease.

Together we can work to save a million lives!

Dan Hammer

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