African American Health!

Very little attention is given to African American health issues.  This portion of our website is committed to changing this.  Maybe you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with one of the major causes of disability in the African American community: 

  • Diabetes Complications
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol Levels
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Stroke 

Maybe your family has a history in one of these areas and you want to see if you can take steps today to improve your health and reduce your risk. 

This section is designed to equip you with practical information and effective strategies to help you take control of your health!  Solid information that can make a positive difference in your overall health and wellness!  

Let Us Help You Regain A Normal Life! 

If you examine each of the 7 major disabilities listed above for the African American community you will see one common denominator to all of them.  It is your cardiovascular system! 

The health of your cardiovascular system, and more specifically the health of your endothelial cells and their ability to properly produce nitric oxide, is in large part the determining factor for your overall health and wellness.  This applies to all population groups but it’s even more critical to African Americans. 


Because of a genetic polymorphism that is common to the African American community.  African Americans carry an enzyme called arginase at higher levels in their bloodstream than any other population group.  Arginase destroys L-arginine which the endothelial cells need to create nitric oxide.  

Nitric oxide is the master signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system.  It helps to moderate blood pressure, blood flow, and many other important cardiovascular functions.  Lack of nitric oxide allows for greater oxidative stress which then damages the endothelial cells and their ability to properly produce nitric oxide. 

This creates a compounding effect resulting in higher incidences of diabetes complications, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart attacks, strokes, erectile dysfunction, pulmonary artery disease, blindness, and complications from sickle cell anemia.  All significant health issues in the African American community.  

Knowledge is the Precursor to Prevention! 

As Dr. C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States, said, “The best prescription is knowledge.”  I want to give you that knowledge to empower you to take charge of your overall health and wellness.  In fact, let me share with you one powerful concept!  It comes from an article out of Parade Magazine. 

Parade Magazine

March 18, 2007

Article by Dr. Henry S. Lodge

Subject:  Aging 

“Your body is made up of trillions of cells that live mostly for a few weeks or months, die and are replaced by new cells in an endless cycle.  For example, your taste buds live only a few hours, white blood cells live 10 days, and your muscle cells live about three months. 

A few key stem cells in each organ and your brain cells are the only ones that stick around for the duration.  All of your other cells are in a constant state of renewal. 

You replace about 1% of your cells every day.  That means 1% of your body is brand-new today, and you will get another 1% tomorrow.  Think of it as getting a whole, new body every three months.  It’s not entirely accurate, but it’s pretty close.” 

Dr. Henry S. Lodge made a profound observation.  What Dr. Lodge observed and what he is saying to you is: 

You Have a New Body Every Three Months! 

The question is will that body be decaying or growing.  You have control over the process.  

You choose whether those new cells will be nourished properly or poorly.  

You choose whether you will have healthy and vibrant cells that act young, or sickly and sedentary cells that act old. 

You can no longer put the care of your body in the hands of others.  You and your choices are the keys to developing a successful wellness strategy.  My goal is to give you practical things that you can do today to begin the process of properly nourishing your cells so that they can work optimally rather than poorly.   

Articles for Improving the Health of African Americans! 

These articles are specifically written to address the health challenges within the African American community. 

  • African Americans and Cardiovascular Disease!  One reason why cardiovascular disease is so prevalent for African Americans is an enzyme arginase which destroys L-arginine to limit the endothelial cells and their ability to produce nitric oxide.  
  • Nitric Oxide and Sickle Cell Anemia!  Recent research shows that Nitric Oxide may help to prevent and lessen the pain associated with sickle cell anemia. 
  • African Americans and Sickle Cell Anemia!  It is estimated that one in 12 African Americans has sickle cell trait and one out of every 400 births have sickle cell anemia.  This article will address this important African American health issue. 
  • Sickle Cell Disease – 14 Helpful Steps!  This article provides 14 helpful steps for those suffering from sickle cell disease.
  • African Americans and Stroke!  Did you know that 80% of strokes are preventable!  This article will lay the ground work for why you have the power to reduce this enormous risk to the African American community! 
  • African Americans and Healthy Weight Management!  The most recent statistics show that over half of the US population is either overweight or obese.  Unfortunately, this unhealthy weight trend is even more pronounced in the African American community. 

General Articles for Improving the Cardiovascular System!

These articles apply to all population groups and are designed to help educate you on how you can effectively improve the health of your cardiovascular system. 

When you click on any one of the above articles they will also link you to other outstanding articles.  All are designed to help educate and equip you with practical information and effective strategies so that you and/or a loved one can begin the journey to better health. 

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As I add articles addressing African American health issues, I will list them on this page.  I want you to have access the latest information so that prevention can be part of your wellness program.  Prevention is taking the steps before hand to prevent something from occurring.  

For example, 370,000 American women die each year of coronary heart disease.  African American women in the age range of 25-44 have a 2.5 times greater risk of coronary heart disease than Caucasian women!  Both groups have the ability to reduce their risks, but African American women can enjoy the greatest benefit because they are also at the greatest risk. 

ProArgi-9 Plus Small SizeBest Cardiovascular Product for Prevention! 

There are many good nutritional supplements in the marketplace.  The one that I feel that best addresses the cardiovascular system is ProArgi-9 Plus.  It incorporates Nobel Prize winning science, cutting edge vascular research, and 15 plus years of actual clinical experience to help properly support the endothelial cells and their ability to produce nitric oxide.  

ProArgi-9 Plus properly balances L-arginine and L-citrulline, with other heart healthy ingredients, to significantly improve the health of the endothelial cells and their ability to properly produce nitric oxide.  This is especially important for African Americans who have larger than normal amounts of the enzyme arginase in their bloodstream.  The additional L-arginine helps to offset the effects of the arginase enzyme, and L-citrulline can bypass the arginase enzyme as a secondary way for the body to produce L-arginine for nitric oxide production.  

The most recent validation for ProArgi-9 Plus is the remarkable results obtain for 33 congestive heart failure patients in the High Desert Heart Institute study.

Click here for more information about ProArgi-9 Plus. 

Please join me in taking the steps necessary to address African American health issues to make a significant contribution to our community.  Please feel free to share this information with others. 

Together we can work to save a million lives! 

Dan Hammer 

Dan Hammer has a background in biology, chemistry and exercise physiology.  He used to run one of the largest health club operations in the Chicagoland area and has been helping people with their wellness issues for more than 25 years.   
The information contained in this article is for general information purposes only and never as a substitute for professional medical advice or medical exam.  The information contain in this article has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease without the supervision of a qualified medical doctor.

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