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Central to everyone’s health is their cardiovascular system.  How well it functions affects every organ and system in your body.

Today, I’m going to give you 33 Reasons why ProArgi-9 Plus can improve your health especially the health of your cardiovascular system. 

In fact, I’ll give you more than 33 reasons but let’s start with that number. 

The 33 reasons represent the 33 congestive heart failure patients who were part of the High Desert Heart Institute study that was completed in July of 2009.  They were part of a landmark, 90-day, human clinical study done at one of the most prestigious heart institutes in the United States.  

All 33 patients chosen for this study had reached their maximum pharmacological and medical management.  There was nothing further that could be done for them outside of a heart transplant.  Most of the patients were given 4 scoops of ProArgi-9 Plus per day for 90 days.  Each scoop of ProArgi-9 Plus contains 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine, as well as several other ingredients like L-citrulline, which support nitric oxide production and cardiovascular health. 

The Results Were “Remarkable!”

Over the course of the 90 day study, each patient received extensive diagnostic testing which generated approximately 7,000 points of data.  The results of the study were recently released to the general public and the findings were “remarkable!”  During the release of this study Dr. Siva Arunasalam, the Founder and Director of the High Desert Heart Institute, made the following comment: 

“Some of the stuff that we noticed was remarkable and in a short time . . . within a month we started seeing tremendous benefit.” 

In a previous interview Dr. Siva, who helped direct and supervise this study, had this to say: 

“There was nothing else for us to try, we had tried everything with these patients.  All patients showed a tremendous improvement in many, many objective data points that only can be attributed to ProArgi-9 . . .” 

Dr. Siva went on to say: 

“. . . but what we ended up seeing was remarkable positive remodeling of the heart, positive pulmonary artery changes, pulmonary vascular changes in terms of pulmonary pressures, changes in cardiac dimensions, changes in heart function. . . “ 

Improved Quality Of Life!

The quality of life for all 33 patients drastically improved.  Not only did they see “remarkable” improvements in their heart and cardiovascular system, but kidney and other organ functions also improved. 

Why?  Because everything depends upon blood flow! 

And blood flow depends upon the health of your endothelial cells that line all of your cardiovascular system.  Their health and their ability to properly produce nitric oxide, the master signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system, are critical to your overall health and wellness. 

How critical? 

Dr. PrendergastWell, let me introduce you to approximately 7,000 more reasons why ProArgi-9 Plus might be beneficial to you.

Let me introduce you to Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology and Metabolism.  Dr. Prendergast is an expert in integrative L-arginine therapy and is the formulator of the ProArgi-9 Plus product. 

Dr. Joe (as he prefers to call himself) began incorporating integrative L-arginine therapy into his practice in 1991.  In a recent online video Dr. Joe made the following comment: 

“. . . 80% of the people have diabetes and in 17 years we have had no problems with strokes, no problems with heart attacks, I’ve not even had any admissions in 17 years.  So this is a striking example in how we can use this product for real power for health. . .” 

For Dr. Joe, that’s slightly over 7,000 patients that he has worked with to help solve many of their cardiovascular concerns.  And, 80% of those patients are diabetics who have even greater challenges to their cardiovascular system than non-diabetics do. 

So, let me ask you a question.  In fact, I’d like to ask you two questions: 

How would your life change if you were one of the 33 congestive heart failure patients from the recent High Desert Heart Institute study? 


How would your life change if you were one of Dr. Joe’s 7000 patients, especially if you’re a diabetic? 


How would the quality of your life and your ability to do things change if your cardiovascular system was working well instead of mediocre to poor? 


OK, I snuck in a third question!  But it was an important question to ask. 


Because cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer of Americans and people world wide! 

Heart disease is 12 times more deadly to women than breast cancer.  Stroke disables more people than any other disease.  Diabetes is reaching epidemic levels in the United States and presents a significant challenge to proper blood flow, especially for the kidneys, eyes and extremities.  

Add the other challenges of high cholesterol levels, erectile dysfunction, hypertension or high blood pressure, and peripheral artery disease and you have a long list of cardiovascular issues that are compromising the health of people.

I would like to help change this equation!ProArgi-9 Plus

I would like to suggest an effective solution to the problems and challenges that you are facing with your cardiovascular system. 

I would like to introduce you to ProArgi-9 Plus because I firmly and completely believe in this product.  A product that has Nobel prize winning science, cutting edge vascular research and proven clinical results.  A product that could help you like it has helped thousands of others make significant improvements in their overall health and wellness. 

Special Offer on ProArgi-9 Plus! 

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ProArgi-9 PlusProArgi-9Plus

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One Other Important Point I’d like to Make! 

I’m not a physician or doctor and I would not want to replace you physician or doctor.  Instead, I want to work with you and your health care provider to make sure this is right for you.  If you or your health care provider has questions, then please email me or call me.  My contact information is: 


I will do my best to provide you and your health care provider with the information you need to make the best decision for you.  My goal is to help as many people as possible see significant improvements in their cardiovascular system so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life.  

Together we can work to save a million lives! 

Synergistically yours, 

Dan Hammer



P.S.  Here are a few of the questions that I typically receive.  I thought they might benefit you in your decision.

Q – Is this product approved by the FDA?

 A – Because this product is a nutritional supplement it is not approved by the FDA since their approval only applies to drugs.  All the ingredients in ProArgi-9 Plus are natural ingredients but manufactured with exacting specifications and controls so that you have a pharmaceutical grade quality product.  

Q – If the ingredients are natural can’t I just buy them individually at a health food store?

 A – Yes you could take this approach.  In fact, back when Dr. Joe first began to incorporate integrative L-arginine therapy into his practice that is what he did.  He would give his patients a list of ingredients to go buy at the health food store and fix up their own product.  What he found was lack of compliance.  So he began to formulate his own product which improved compliance and also cost less than buying each ingredient separately.  That process has been significantly refined so that ProArgi-9 Plus represents the best combination of heart healthy ingredients to properly support the endothelial cells and their ability to produce nitric oxide. 

Q – I’ve read some literature that questions L-arginine and its benefits?

 A – Yes there are a few studies that have questioned the use of L-arginine.  It usually centers on the form of L-arginine used since this is a tricky molecule to work with.  Plus, it can have some negative side effects if not brought into your body properly.  That’s why it’s always important to ask who is the L-arginine formulator, and do they have any clinical data to back up the effectiveness of their product.  ProArgi-9 Plus has both.  Plus, ProArgi-9 Plus combines the L-arginine with L-citrulline, and other heart healthy ingredients.  This makes a significant difference in helping the endothelial cells produce nitric oxide.  Dr. Louis Ignarro, who with 2 other American researchers won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of Nitric Oxide, would also echo the need to combine L-arginine with L-citrulline to improve its benefit. 

Q – Are there any drugs interactions?

 A – Dr. Prendergast would tell you no and Dr. Siva did not have any concerns in this area with the 33 congestive heart failure patients.  With that being said, if you are on medications then you should work with a qualified health practitioner so that medication levels can be properly adjusted as the ProArgi-9 Plus helps your endothelial cells improve in their ability to produce nitric oxide. 

Q – Isn’t Nitric Oxide an environmental pollutant? 

 A – Outside the body it’s an environmental pollutant but inside the body it’s the master signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system.  You could not live without nitric oxide.  It regulates the muscle tone of your blood vessels, helps to stop blood platelet cells from grouping together, helps the immune system fight viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, causes penile erections, helps transmit messages between nerve cells, promotes vascular reparative mechanisms and seems to be associated with the process of learning, memory, sleeping, feeling pain, and may be a mediator in inflammation and rheumatism.  Quite a list of benefits! 

Q – How much of the product do I have to take to see a benefit? 

 A – That depends upon the health of your cardiovascular system.  For general use 1 scoop per day is recommended.  Some may need to take 2 or more scoops per day because their need is greater.  Factors vary for each individual so what’s best for one may not be the same for another.      

Q – Couldn’t someone lie to you and get their money back? 

 A – Yes, it could happen but I believe in the honestly of people and have chosen to live my life based on integrity and honestly rather than worrying about the few people who might lie and lack integrity. 

Q – If the product works for me then how can I continue to use it?

 A – If you choose to continue to use this product then just order more.  When you receive your initial shipment there will be a special internet link that will allow you to reorder and still save on the $12 shipping fee.  This represents a $144 savings over the course of a year. 

As an additional convenience I have a special program of “Buy 5 And Get 1 FREE!”  If you purchase 5 canisters of ProArgi-9 Plus at one time, then I’ll give you the 6th canister for FREE.  This reduces the number of times you need to order over the course of a year.  It also gives you the potential of 2 FREE canisters or more per year.  Plus, your shipping will still be FREE!   

Q – Will this product help in other areas of health? 

 A – Definitely!  The ProArgi-9 Plus was originally designed to reverse the oxidative stress on the endothelial cells to prevent and reverse atherosclerosis and the complications from diabetes.  Dr. Prendergast, who is the product formulator, has used this product on over 7,000 patients (many of whom are diabetic).  Prior to ProArgi-9 Plus he used to send many of his diabetic patients to cardiologists.  Since using integrative L-arginine therapy he has gone over 15 years without having to refer any of his patients for cardiovascular consults.  An amazing record! 

Recently, this product was used in a ground-breaking study at the High Desert Heart Institute.  The study consisted of 33 congestive heart failure patients all medically and pharmaceutically managed to the maximum.  The results of the study are extraordinary and will impact the method of treatment for many people with cardiovascular issues as it has already done for the High Desert Heart Institute.  

Additionally, as more people use the ProArgi-9 Plus for cardiovascular health issues they are seeing side benefits such as improved cognitive function, reduced or elimination of pain from arthritis, improved renal function, improved peripheral circulation, and overall feelings of better health and wellness.  

Hopefully, the ProArgi-9 Plus can be of benefit to you too.100-Satisfaction-Guaranteed-Seal_full

To order this product and try it with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee then click the “Order Now” button below.

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*FREE SHIPPING via USPS Priority Mail! (For US Zip Codes Only!)
*(For those who don’t have a United States mailing address and US Zip Code, then your shipping fee is $12. Please use the drop down menu and the PayPal button will be automatically set for this shipping price. Your total savings will be $20.70 instead of $32.70. Shipping will be by First Class International Mail.)

Dan Hammer




ProArgi-9 PlusProArgi-9Plus

from Synergy WorldWide

Retail Value: $89.70
Preferred Customer Price: $69.00*

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