Endothelial Cells and Heart Disease!


Endothelial CellsWhen people think of heart disease they rarely think about the endothelial cells that line all of your blood vessels.  Most people usually associate heart disease with the heart or with problems in their circulatory system.  While both of these can be major contributing factors in heart disease, for most people it is the health of their endothelial cells and their ability to properly produce nitric oxide that really determines the absence of heart disease.

To show you how little people know about these critically important cells, especially compared to other heart disease issues, I did a Google search for the following keywords (data for the month of July 2009):

  • Diabetes – 6,120,000
  • Cholesterol – 2,740,000
  • High Blood Pressure – 1,000,000
  • Heart Disease – 673,000
  • Erectile Dysfunction – 673,000
  • Nitric Oxide – 301,000
  • Endothelial Cells – 22,200

Over 6 million searches for information on diabetes, almost 3 million searches on cholesterol, 1 million for high blood pressure, and almost 700,000 searches for heart disease and erectile dysfunction.  People are beginning to search for information about nitric oxide.  But, when you add up all the searches less than 1 percent of those searches are directed at the endothelial cells. 

How Sad Since Your Very Life Depends Upon The Health Of Your Endothelial Cells!

They determine your nitric oxide production and both play major roles in preventing erectile dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol concerns, and diabetes. 

To help you learn more, I’d recommend the following four links:

http://www.aging-no-more.com/nitric_oxide.html - This is an article that I wrote for my Aging No More website.  It will give you a very good overview about how your endothelial cells and nitric oxide impact your cardiovascular system.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endothelium - This links you to Wikipedia and their discussion about the endothelium which is another way to describe the endothelial cells.

http://www.lab.anhb.uwa.edu.au/mb140/MoreAbout/Endothel.htm - This is an excellent article by Professor John McGeachie and is posted on the School of Anatomy & Human Biology – The University of Western Australia website.

http://bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org/cgi/content/full/91/10/3527 - This is a comprehensive 102 page review article from the Journal of American Society of Hematology that discusses in great detail all the various functions carried out by the endothelial cells.

Once considered to be simple, one-celled structures with little to no functional role, the endothelial cells have proven to be extremely complex biological structures that play critical roles in the health of your circulatory system.  Learning how to protect and maintain healthy endothelial cells is critical to your overall health and wellness.

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Together we can work to save a million lives!

Dan Hammer

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