Prevent Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes!


Diabetes has grown to epidemic proportions and so have the cardiovascular complications of diabetes. According to the most recent statistics (2011) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes. However, what makes this “America’s largest healthcare epidemic” is that 79 million Americans are in a pre-diabetic condition, where [...]

Elevated Blood Glucose and Cardiovascular Disease!


Elevated blood glucose is not just a problem for diabetics. As new evidence accumulates, it’s clear that aging individuals have elevated blood glucose levels leading to cardiovascular disease. This was demonstrated in a 22-year follow-up study of nearly 2,000 healthy non-diabetic men as reported in Diabetes Care. The authors reported that for those men with [...]

Nitric Oxide and Diabetes!


Diabetes has become a national health problem.  Fortunately, there are clinical studies to show that nitric oxide can positively affect the complications of diabetes.  This blog will help you understand the hard facts, complications, and the potential of a proper nitric oxide / l-arginine protocol to help with this devastating disease. 

Now before we start you [...]