The Need for L-Citrulline!


What’s a picture of a watermelon have to do with L-citrulline? I’ll answer that in a little bit. Let’s first start with nitric oxide and L-arginine.

So much of the buzz about improved nitric oxide production centers on L-arginine. Unfortunately, many forget about L-citrulline. While L-arginine is the main amino acid used by the [...]

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction?!


I have chosen to use a question mark and an exclamation mark in the article’s title, dealing with erectile dysfunction, for a reason.  For some men who have recently experienced problems in the bedroom, they’re not sure if they have erectile dysfunction or not.  For them it’s a question mark that needs more time to [...]

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction!


What does a cell phone and lap top have to do with fixing erectile dysfunction?  When they don’t work properly they cause emotional responses like: 

Frustration, Anger, and Embarrassment! 

In our high tech society we have become conditioned to expect our cell phone and lap top to work all the time and in all situations.  When they [...]