Nitric Oxide and Diabetes!


Diabetes has become a national health problem.  Fortunately, there are clinical studies to show that nitric oxide can positively affect the complications of diabetes.  This blog will help you understand the hard facts, complications, and the potential of a proper nitric oxide / l-arginine protocol to help with this devastating disease. 

Now before we start you [...]

Nitric Oxide and Blood Pressure!


Understanding nitric oxide and blood pressure and the role that nitric oxide plays in helping you maintain a normal blood pressure is critical to good cardiovascular health and your overall wellness.  It is one of the reasons why most doctors and nurses will take your blood pressure every time you visit them. They are checking [...]

Update on the Groundbreaking Heart Disease Study!


This is an update on the groundbreaking heart disease study that occurred at the High Desert Heart Institute located in Victorville, California.  The participants were patients who were in the Congestive Heart Failure Unit.  Each participant was “at the maximum of pharmacological and medical management.”  Although the results have not yet been published, the following [...]

Liz’s Heart Disease Testimony!


Heart disease can take many different forms.  For Liz Cassitas, a mom and cardiac care nurse, is took the form of bradycardia.  Bradycardia is a slow heart rate usually defined as less than 60 beats per minute.  A heart rate less than 60 beats per minute is not unusual for highly trained athletes but it [...]